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About On Live Tours

It is a service that delivers live broadcasting of tourist destinations nationwide.

A Guide will broadcast live from the tourist spots by using Zoom Meeting. This is a contactless tour that you can watch using your P.C. ,tablet or smart phone.

You can join On Live Tours anywhere. For example, you can watch it with your family even at home. And You can also join as a group through the big screen. You can experience the feeling of traveling as if you were in the area when you just look at the screen.

We will deliver a new tourism style which means without transportation costs or travel time at a good price.

For people who can not easily go on a travel all over the world we broadcast live recommended tour. We are going to make a new sightseeing tour while listening to your request. We hope to improve with you step by step.


Where Laibu was born
September 4 Debut day
5years old(eternally)
Laibu is very quiet, but if it has something to worry about , do everything hard.
Special skill
・Limbs as needed
・Can do a moonwalk
Favorite food
tempura, sushi, and Ramen(Chinese noodle)
‘Boo‘(oink oink)is added at the end of the word.
・Dampa kun (panda) (They hit it off)
・Taruto chan (turtle) (Appears when Laibu wants to be)
Family makeup
Papa boo   Mom boo
I want to be strong like a lion, boo.(oink oink)
The name is a pun on a word `Live`
Full of curiosity and very smart, Laibu is always researching new things.
Laibu wants to be a strong pig like a the king of beasts, so it is wearing a lion`s headgear.
On Live Tours
On Live Anytime Anywhere

On Live Tours is a Virtual Tour, which means you can feel like traveling without transportation costs or travel time for people all over the world who can`t go even if they want to travel.

How to join us

  1. Download required to participate in On Li ve Tours. APP is free.(Click here for Zoom

    Zoom App Download

  2. We will send you reservation confirmation with Zoom URL.

    You can make a contract with 1 account (1terminal)

  3. It is not applicable to trav el contracts b ecause this tour is Virtual experience by using Zoom Meeting

  4. Please set your nickname in ad vance for smooth tour management.Click here for the setting method

  5. In case the email is not delivered, please check spam up, please. If you can not receive our email let us know about it by email.

  6. After submitting ,You changed your email address ,contact us ,please.

About cancellation and changes

○ We will not be able to accept cancellation due to customer`s convenience.

After submitting, We will not be able to accept cancellation due to customer`s convenience.

○ If the schedule changes due to bad weather.

There might be a change in schedule depends on the weather conditions of the day. In case of change, we will inform you from 5days in advance. If the schedule changes due to bad weather, we will inform you of the next date. Choose the desired date by email, prepare for reception of information, please.

About payment

  • ※credit card(VISA/Master/JCB/American Express/Diners)

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